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DOES THE NAME Roger Bannister mean anything to you? He ran the first sub 4 minute mile!

NOW MEET ‘Ross-ter Bannister‘, aka our very own Rossi!

Rossi is doing incredibly well with his physio. Taking inspiration from the recent London Marathon, and this weekend’s mineral tramway sponsored walk Ros, his lovely physio, feels he is ready for a new challenge. So, within the next 2-3 weeks, Rossi is going to attempt a whopping 15 minutes on the treadmill!

HOWEVER….Rossi has decided that he wants to use this challenge to raise money for his fellow homeless hounds’ vets bill!

WE THINK THIS is a wonderful gesture, and he has the full support and backing of Ros and David from Hawksland Hydrotherapy, and of course that of his carers and handlers.


YOU CAN SPONSOR Rossi per minute achieved, or pledge an amount for the whole 15 minutes-the choice is yours!

Stay tuned to follow ‘Ross-ter’ as he trains for his new challenge!


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Established in 2002 we have had our own premises for the last 3 years. We will help with anything dog related including rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming, advice, behavioural support, helping find lost dogs and much more.

We have no external funding as we are completely independent, and rely solely on fundraising and grants to survive. We have a non-euthanasia policy and do not believe in putting healthy dogs down. Instead we focus on rehabilitation of dogs until they are able to go home.

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